Choosing A Good Car Audio System

I love to listen to music while I'm driving. However, my car audio Austin system is the lousiest I've ever seen. If I ever want to enjoy loud music in my car, I have to go for an upgrade. Ideally, I should buy a car stereo that includes all the elements that contribute to a good sound. I want it to have a subwoofer and an amplifier. I'm aware of the fact that a big subwoofer is going to eat up a big part of my truck, but I'm ready to do it, as I don't use that space anyway. The other thing I want is an in-dash DVD player and a navigation unit. 


Last but not least, I want to be able to connect my iPhone to the audio system, as I want to listen to my favorite playlists without having to write them on CD or on a USB drive. I'm not sure if this is possible, but my car mechanic says I can get all these for a reasonable price. I don't know what to expect, but I'm willing to invest a good amount into this. After all, I don't spoil myself a lot, so I believe I deserve it.

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